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    Published on Apr 23, 14 14:09

    For those of you anxiously awaiting compatibility of the NMU with Paralog your dream has come true!

    Through mutual agreement between Alti-2 Inc. and Paralog, Alti-2's Neptune Maintenance Utility (NMU) functionality has been integrated into the newest version, Paralog 8 that has been released today!

    Below is the link, try it out and enjoy!


    John Hawke joins us as General Manager after 30 years with the US Army, including 25 years active duty and 23 years working for the Army's premier Special Mission Unit. John is an experienced Sport and Military Free Fall parachutist, his credentials include Military Free Fall Jumpmaster & Instructor, SMU MFF Instructor, and Military Tandem Examiner.

    On the sport side, John has been an active jumper since 1989, and is a USPA Tandem Instructor/Examiner (UPT Sigma), USPA Coach Examiner, USPA AFF Designated Evaluator, and FAA Master Rigger.
    Published on Feb 5, 14 14:14
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    It's time to check out the new Alti-2 Wall Clock. If you are interested in placing an order simply email Sandy Moore at ...
    by Published on Nov 25, 13 07:50
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    Alti-2 would like to congratulate Ramon Medeiros for being the winner of the Alti-2 poster contest. We would also like to ...
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    Alti-2 T-Shirts have arrived! We have all sizes in stock, men's and women's. To purchase your Alti-2 T-shirt contact Sandy ...
    by Published on Sep 24, 13 13:30

    Our new phone system at Alti-2 has been installed, it is up and running great!
    Our Main line and Fax number have remained the same:
    Main Line - 386-943-9333
    Fax - 386-845-9221
    The numbers for Alti-2's Marketing Manager and Receptionist have changed, their new contact numbers are listed below:
    Marketing Manager:
    Sandy Moore - 386-279-7982

    Barbara Davidson - 386-279-7981
    by Published on Jul 25, 13 13:35

    We have investigated customer reported issues with the N3Audio . The maximum power drain of the N3Audio is higher than the N3, this means that the battery must be in a higher charge state.
    The battery meter on the N3Audio requires recalibration to accurately indicate the useful power remaining.
    To ensure that there is sufficient useful power available it is essential that the N3Audio is charged overnight before a day of jumping.
    An update to the firmware to recalibrate the battery (remaining power) icon will be released in the near future